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Learning Chinese Vocabulary

North Korea

North Korea

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I thought I'd combine two of my main interests by listing a few words and terms related to North Korea, some of which are taken from here.

Please note that a number of different names are used to refer to North Korea and while all are acceptable, 朝鮮 is commonly used to refer to the North and 韩国 is used for the South.

You can learn more about Nortk Korea by checking out its Wikipedia entry here.

Place Names :

Democratic People's Republic of Korea - 朝鲜民主主义人民共和国 (朝鮮民主主義人民共和国) - chao2 xian3 min2 zhu3 yi4 min2 gong1 he2 guo2
North Korea - 北朝鲜 (北朝鮮) - bei3 chao2 xian3
North Korea - 朝鲜 (朝鮮) - chao2 xian3
North Korea - 北韩 (北韓) - bei3 han2
Panmunjeom - 板门店 (板門店) - ban3 men2 dian4 (on the North-South Korea border)
Pyongyang - 平壤 - ping2 ran3 (capital of N. Korea)

People :

Kim Il Sung - 金日成 - jin1 ri4 cheng2
Kim Jong Il - 金正日 - jin2 zheng4 ri4

Organisations :

Korean Central News Agency - 朝鲜中央通讯社 (朝鮮中央通訊社) - chao2 xian3 zhong1 yang1 tong1 xun4 she4

Events :

Korean War - 韩战 (韓戰) - han2 zhan4

Other :

Korean (language) - 朝鲜语 (朝鮮語) - chao2 xian3 yu3
Juche - 主体 (主體) - zhu3 ti3 ('Juche' is an ideology of self-reliance)
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