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Learning Chinese Vocabulary

Hi!!!  I've been living in Taiwan for the last few years and…

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Hi!!!  I've been living in Taiwan for the last few years and studying chinese.  I recently had to come back home, but got a friend to promise to keep me practicing chinese.  But...our conversations are kind of getting to the point where my skill with chinese is beginning to fail.  And because I learned more by being there my skills are kind of hit and miss--like sometimes I know how to say fairly complicated things and other times something simple totally escapes me!  Anyway, today I realized I have no idea how to make comparisons.  (bad--this should be fairly simple, right?  I've heard people do it all the time while I was living in Taiwan). 

Specifically I want to compare verb phrases,

ex: I can speak chinese better than I can write chinese.  

How would you say that?  
 [or something like: I can run faster than I can walk...]


since I'm trying to keep up some skill are there any good books people would recommend?  I like lots and lots of examples in my books.  I learn better from examples than lengthy explanations (though some explanation is, obviously, helpful).   
  • The major comparison word in Chinese is 比.

    I can speak Chinese better than I can write Chinese:
    我的中文說力比我的中文寫力好。 (My/Chinese/speaking ability/compared to/my/Chinese/writing ability/good.)

    Miss Wang is shorter than Miss Li:

    There are other ways to compare, for example, 比起來.
    Compared to the weather in Miami, it's not much different in Taipei, it's just that the rainfall is even greater.
    跟邁阿密天氣比起來,台北差不多一樣吧, 只是雨量更多了。

    I recommend picking up a grammar book. The one I use is called Chinese Grammar Without Tears. It's simplified only but it's pretty good.
    • Thanks so much! your examples are very helpful! Basically it's just:

      [thing 1] 比 [thing 2] [adjective/static verb--i.e short, tall, good...].

      I'm definitely going to go out and find myself a grammar book. The books I have from my classes are such a hodge-podge of grammar and vocab, they're practically impossible to use as a reference.

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