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Learning Chinese Vocabulary

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October 1st, 2011


I'm a chinese university student.I have been learning English for several years.Recently,I found this community .I hope we can communicate and make friends here.
If you are interested in China and eager to know any thing about Chinese culture and daily life,or you have difficulties learing Chinese ,you can write it down.I'm ready to answer.^-^.Or you can leave me a message.


I'm learning English now.Welcome to point out my mistakes. I'm ready to answer.I iiiiii

September 28th, 2010

(no subject)

Hi!!!  I've been living in Taiwan for the last few years and studying chinese.  I recently had to come back home, but got a friend to promise to keep me practicing chinese.  But...our conversations are kind of getting to the point where my skill with chinese is beginning to fail.  And because I learned more by being there my skills are kind of hit and miss--like sometimes I know how to say fairly complicated things and other times something simple totally escapes me!  Anyway, today I realized I have no idea how to make comparisons.  (bad--this should be fairly simple, right?  I've heard people do it all the time while I was living in Taiwan). 

Specifically I want to compare verb phrases,

ex: I can speak chinese better than I can write chinese.  

How would you say that?  
 [or something like: I can run faster than I can walk...]


since I'm trying to keep up some skill are there any good books people would recommend?  I like lots and lots of examples in my books.  I learn better from examples than lengthy explanations (though some explanation is, obviously, helpful).   

August 16th, 2010


Idiom translation is one hardest translation-related tasks. Idioms cannot be translated literally, as it will result in non-sense. In order to translate an idiom one should find the equivalent expression in the second language. It requires deep familiarity with the language and knowing the specifics of its metaphorical speech.

I found interesting project - multilingual dictionary of idioms, created by native language speakers.

 WikIdioms(www.wikidioms.com) is a new collaborative effort of translators and language lovers who have created first Internet multilingual dictionary of idiomatic expressions.Do you know what an English idiom push up daisies mean? Well, now with WikIdioms, you can know in no time. It is both useful and fun! Everyone can also contribute expressions that he knows. 

What do you think abut this project?  Is it useful ?

December 23rd, 2007

Если кто то владеет языком, напишите пожалуйста, как по китайски будет:

Экскурсовод сказала нам, что в Москве проживает всего (только) 9 миллионов человек, но я не поверила. Я думаю, что более 11 миллионов.

November 15th, 2007

Newbie fifi

Hello, I am new. I am really bored so I thought I pic up Chinese XD! no seriously... I dont' know much yet but I found a translater so I can sorta type it(accuracy is really really bad however). I would like to learn more maybe I could find somone in this community, to talk to me. would be fun. I am a COMPLETE beginer, by the why. I am wondering if there are other people I can talk with and see if we can understand eachother if I type in Chinese. Does anyone have Aim or Msn?
谢谢= xie xie=thank you, 晚安= wan an = good night.

August 20th, 2007

(no subject)

I've been reading about how there are two sets of characters for numbers - a simpler one for day-to-day use and one thats more complicated for use on money. I was just wondering if it's only used on money or if there are other places that it's used. Like contracts?

August 10th, 2007


hm hm
I hope I can get a bit of help with the translation of two phrases, "Welcome" and "Closed". Both of them will be engraved on a plate for the store front: when the store is opened, it will say "Welcome" (in 5 other languages, including Arabic and Russian), and when the store is closed, it should say "Closed".
If a request of this kind doesn't match the community guidelines, I would appreciate a link to a respective community.

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