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Learning Chinese Vocabulary

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Learning Chinese Vocabulary

About the Community

This community is a resource to help Chinese language-learners boost their vocabulary. The vocabulary (which can be posted by any member) will focus on a wide range of different subjects and be taken from sources such as news articles, movies and TV shows.

While the main language of use is Mandarin Chinese (普通話), members may also post their word lists with Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hakka or any other variant pronounciations.

Intermediate-high learners, aspiring translators and anyone with a sound basis of the Chinese language will benefit the most from this community but beginners are also welcome to join in.

Rules About Posting

+ Do not use this community to post racist/offensive/abusive language. While some of these may be useful in day-to-day living in a Chinese-speaking country, this community should remain as 'family-friendly' as possible.

+ Please include the pinyin pronounciations when posting your word lists. Variant pronounciations (such as Cantonese) may also be posted, but preferably along with the Mandarin versions. Wades-Giles can be used if necessary but keep in mind that it is no longer widely used by many schools in their Chinese teaching.

+ Word lists can be in simplified Chinese, traditional or both.

+ A suggestion for posting word lists : group your vocabulary into subject groups (eg. movie vocab, political terms, etc). This is not a requirement but it tends to be helpful to language learners.

+ Treat other members with respect, do not spam or flood the community and do not link to anything normally deemed as illegal or offensive (BitTorrents, warez, etc).

+ Do not use this community to advertise your own community or any websites without permission. If you want to draw attention to a useful resource, please contact me about it first.

Requests & Fulfilling Requests

Members are free to request vocabulary related to a specific topic (baseball terms, Chinese space program, etc).

Members are also free to fulfil any requests made at the community. If other members have further vocabulary to contribute to a *specific* topic that has already been dealt with, they are advised to post their own contributions in a reply to that earlier post. This is to help others to browse easily and to avoid repeat posts. If if doubt, post your contributions as a new post and the community manager will sort out any problems.

Reporting Mistakes

If you see any mistakes concerning the word lists (eg. wrong pinyin transcriptions, wrong characters), please bring attention to it in a civil manner by replying to the post in question. Keep in mind that Chinese transliterations of foreign names vary even within the same country and that variant spellings exist for Cantonese, Taiwanese and other Chinese dialects.

While every effort is made to bring accurate translations to our members, mistakes are not impossible.

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