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Learning Chinese Vocabulary

I've been reading about how there are two sets of characters for…

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I've been reading about how there are two sets of characters for numbers - a simpler one for day-to-day use and one thats more complicated for use on money. I was just wondering if it's only used on money or if there are other places that it's used. Like contracts?
  • They're used anywhere somebody could easily manipulate the numbers to deliberately make them *higher* for personal gain. (ok, that sentence is messed up). Basically yes, they are also used on checks and contracts, and every once in a while on other things just to look fancy.
  • 一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,they are the characters of numbers 1-10 for day-to-day use, they are too simple to avoid manipulation, right?
    壹(one),贰,叁,肆,伍,陆,柒,捌,玖,拾. They are so complicated, who can manipulate them? so, you can understand now why they are used on checks or contracts.
  • Learning Chinese has become more and more popular. Chinese is a tonal language, that is to say learning Chinese is the alteration of a word’s pronunciation changes its meaning .Chinese is the largest number for people use in the whole world.
    You will know China better though learning chinese.

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    You can have a try.
    Good luck
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