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Learning Chinese Vocabulary



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hm hm
I hope I can get a bit of help with the translation of two phrases, "Welcome" and "Closed". Both of them will be engraved on a plate for the store front: when the store is opened, it will say "Welcome" (in 5 other languages, including Arabic and Russian), and when the store is closed, it should say "Closed".
If a request of this kind doesn't match the community guidelines, I would appreciate a link to a respective community.

  • Welcome: 欢迎 (huan ying)

    Closed: 关门 (guan men)
  • thanks a lot!
  • By the way, these are the simplified versions of the characters (used in the PRC and Singapore), not the traditional versions (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong and by most overseas Chinese).
    • aw shucks, you wrecked my silent proliferation of simplified characters. ^_^
      • so how bad is it for a store in Germany? :) should it better be written in traditional chinese?
        • It can be in either. Young people from China will like the simplified better, but the older generations and people from Taiwan will like the traditional. *shrug* I would go with simplified.
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